The Leesville City Council is in the process of moving city hall to a different location and continued to make steps on Monday.

The council passed a resolution to get preliminary approval for the issuance of revenue bonds.

"We contacted a local bank to get a pre-approval letter, because that's one of the bonding commissions stipulations," Leeville Mayor Rick Allen said.

"The council gave us the authority in the last meeting to order the appraisal. It needs to appraise for more than the asking price. We'll submit that to the bonding commission. We're scheduled to be on the bonding commission's ballot around August 19. Once we get on that, it's a month on that for approval, then we can move forward with the financing.

"I don't foresee any problems getting it through the bonding commission because our financial status is good."

The new location will be at the former Hixon Funeral Home on 508 S. 5th Street and the building is set up to make it an easy transition.

"We've already got the IT guys over there to give us a quote on transferring everything over there," Allen said. "Our quote came in a lot less than anticipated. We're excited about it. The chapel in there will serve as our council meeting room. It's just perfect. There's no remodeling. The building is perfect."

Allen says a realistic time to move in is at the end of October to the beginning of November.

Councilwoman at large Alice Guess was selected by the council as the Mayor Pro Tempore.

The position allows Guess to act as mayor if Allen is unable to attend a meeting.

"Not only is Ms. Guess have seniority on the council, but she's very level headed and doesn't get rocked," Allen said.

"She is a very stern but a nice person. Everybody loves Ms. Guess. I think it was a good choice by the council. That's a decision that is not made by the mayor. Out of respect for Ms. Guess, I voted."