In her first meeting as a city councilwoman, Nicole Ybarra is still learning what it takes to make decisions for the city.

Ybarra wants to become verse in her new position and make her district and the rest of the city a better place to live.

"There's a lot of new things to learn and I'm looking forward to working with the city," she said.

"I'm really want to focus on cleaning up the city and positive growth for Leesville."

Ybarra defeated long-time councilman Danny Dowd in the election in March, focusing her campaign on making the voices of the people in her district heard.

"Communication with the citizens in my district is a large thing," Ybarra said. "Working with Mr. (Grant) Bush and enforcing ordinances definitely is a part of it."

Ybarra has been going around and learning about the departments within the city to figure out how she can help them.

"A few weeks ago I went down to public works and provided breakfast for all the public works workers," Ybarra said. "I just sat there and discussed what they were happy with and not happy with, new ideas and so forth."

Not only is she going around to the different city departments, she reaching out to the community in District 3 and welcomes the feedback.