FORT POLK – Soldiers throughout the Army will test their physical fitness in a new set of drills and exercises in 2020.

The Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) replaces the current Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT), going from three events to six different events.

The new events will be a strength deadlift of 120 to 420 pounds, a standing power throw of a 10-pound ball, hand-release pushups, a leg tuck and a two-mile run.

The other drill is the sprint/drag/carry, which involves five 25-meter dashes, dragging a 90-pound sled and carrying two 40-pound kettle bells. The drill simulates moving ammunition and injured soldiers on the field.

"It will be fantastic to transition to a new physical fitness test for our soldiers," Fort Polk Commander and Brigadier General Patrick Frank said. "It will really challenge them. We're an Army coming out COIN for 16 years. As we look, every rotation here is in a decisive, action battlefield rotation. That type of combat requires that our soldiers have the utmost physical fitness level that we can provide to them.

“We provide that to them by our training program. This test, that is continuing to be developed and continues to be refined by the Army, really will build the core muscles that will be needed on the battlefield to be successful."

Currently, the APFT involves a two-mile run, two minutes of pushups and two minutes of sit ups, with the max score being 300.

The new six-drill test has a max score of 600 with 100 points available per event.

According to an Army statement, the new test will make soldiers more prepared for combat tasks, reduce injuries and lead to cost savings.

The ACFT will replace the APFT, which has been around since 1980, begins in October 2020.