Fort Polk Progress' mission of making Fort Polk a more desirable duty station is in the hands of a new board.

The board has three new local officials on it following an election on July 3.

Bryan McReynolds, Beauregard Parish Police Jury; Keith Lewing, Mayor of Anacoco and Scott Gammel, Interim Executive Director of England Airpark, are all new to Fort Polk Progress.

"It's really about continuing the mission at Fort Polk, the Fort Polk progress," President Michael Reese said. "It's to make Fort Polk a station of choice and improve the quality of life for soldiers and their families, to support the missions currently located at Fort Polk and to support mission growth in the future."

The officers for Fort Polk Progress are Reese as Chairman, Ed Williams as Vice Chairman and Avon Knowlton is the Secretary of the Treasury.

Reese remains as the President and with multiple mayors and local officials as part of the organization, it gives it a chance to do a lot in different towns and areas.

"What makes this group special is that it is a cross-section of the regional community," Reese said. "It clearly showcases that when it comes to Fort Polk, we focus on a great deal of teamwork through a large region of our state.

"I think all of our passion comes from supporting soldiers and their families, but it's also recognition of what an important piece of our economy Fort Polk is. Not just for Leesville and Vernon Parish, but for our region and our state. It's our passion to support Fort Polk with same kind of passion and vigor that we would any kind of industry in our state."