The town of Rosepine witnessed a log truck vehicular accident on Monday, July 16 at approximately 5:30 p.m.

According to Louisiana State Police, the accident occurred when driver, Corey Barron, ran his log truck off the roadway into the grass. Barron was travelling Southbound on U.S. Highway 171.

In an attempt to correct his steering, Barron caused the truck to spill its haul of logs into the median strip.

The second accident occurred shortly after, when a chip truck driven by James Medley of Merryville tried to avoid the first wreck.  

Medley attempted to drive around Barron’s log truck by entering the median strip but the spilled logs caused his own vehicle to spill onto the shoulder of the highway.

Medley was the only one to sustain minor injuries from the incident, with no other reports made.

Barron has been cited by the Louisiana State Police with careless operation.

Both trucks were owned by Ricky Day Trucking LLC. According to them, neither truck has been seriously impacted by the incident.

The logs have since been removed from U.S. Highway 171.