Kenneth Allen Chandler was denied bond during a Gwen’s Law hearing case out of Leesville.

The hearing took place Wednesday morning and was presided over by Judicial District Court Judge Tony Bennett.

After looking over the evidence of the case, Bennett ruled in favor of denying bond to Chandler. Chandler was arrested on Thursday, July 12 by the Vernon Parish Sheriff’s Office (VPSO).

The police responded to a concerned citizen asking them to check on a woman who failed to show up to work.

After arriving at the victim’s New Llano residence, deputies could hear voices coming from inside the residence, but no one answered the door.

Upon entering the residence, the VPSO found an injured woman.

Chandler had forced the woman to remove her clothing and sit in a chair, where he would ask her questions and proceed to beat her if they were not satisfactory with him. Chandler used a glass tabletop to strike the victim over the head and held part of the glass to her throat when police initially arrived on the scene.

Chandler was detained as he was leaving the premises.

He has been charged with one count of aggravated second degree battery, one count of stalking, one count of second degree kidnapping and one count of domestic abuse aggravated assault.

Gwen’s Law requires that a court conduct a hearing to assess the feasibility of granting bail to a person arrested on domestic abuse charges. If the court finds there’s a likelihood that the offender would inflict further harm, bail can be denied and the offender would stay in jail until the case is heard in court.