Leesville has a brand new book nook, all thanks to Lizzie Longman.
Friday, July 20 saw the establishment of the new book nook at the Leesville Fire Department station near Lee Hills.

The book nook in question was originally located around Myrtle Park, near the house of Bridget Huei, Lizzie’s grandmother. The two would often visit the book nook during their Saturday visits.

However, during one such trip, the two found the book nook vandalized, with the door ripped off its hinges and books scattered all over the ground. The subsequent weather had ruined the books.

Although heartbroken, Lizzie decided to take matters into her own hands.

At the urging of her family, Lizzie wrote to Gallery One Ellleven in Leesville, since it had established 20 book nooks throughout Leesville and Vernon Parish in 2016.

The Gallery contacted the City of Leesville and made an agreement with the Lee Hills Fire Substation to place the newly repaired book nook there.

The repairs were made by Gallery One Ellleven, while the Fire Department moved the book nook to its new home in front of the station.

“It’s an honor that they believed enough in us to see this as a safe place,” said Justin Welch of the Leesville Fire Department. “It’s something to be proud of to take pride in our station and our city and to be a beacon within it, so to speak.”

The book nook is now on full display at the Leesville Fire Department Lee Hills substation, and is open to the public to donate and borrow books for continued summer reading.