The Vernon Parish School Board held an event for incoming families and students to learn more about what the district has to offer.

Each school in Vernon Parish was in attendance with a booth and school officials there to answer any questions, at Parkway Elementary School for the 5th Annual Cafeteria Conversation and Resource Fair.

"This is a time for us as an educational community to come out and meet the Fort Polk communities and surrounding communities, especially the new people that have come to our area," Vernon Parish School Board Superintendent James Williams said. "We have information on our schools. All of our schools are represented here tonight. It's a perfect opportunity to come out, ask questions, meet administrators, meet councilors and get all the information they need."

Williams says events like this are important to help military and non-military members understand what they district can provide.

"When a family moves out here, there is a lot of anxiety," he said. "They have a lot of unanswered questions and hear a lot of things. Tonight is a night for them to come get the facts."
The school board is doing different things, including overhauling its website, to make the transition into the district as seamless as possible.

"We feel like we have a good message and a good story to tell," Williams said. "It's all about communication. The worst things to happen is that bad communication gets out."

District 1 board member Jim Seaman says events like the this puts families in the best position to choose their ideal school.

"You may have a family that has a kid that wants to play soccer, and they would have to go to Leesville," he said. "If they have a kid that wants to play to football, he could go to Leesville, Pickering or Rosepine. They can come here and research that. You want them to go to a place where they can fit in best."

Booths were also set up in the gym to promote local activities, such as youth sports and boy's and girl's scouts. The booths provided information on Tri-Care, different health services and gave away school supplies.