Leesville residents were given the opportunity to participate in Shannan Inman’s modern calligraphy workshop on Saturday, August 4.

The beginner’s class saw Inman teaching students how to use the standard oblique pen tool of modern calligraphy to create a type of calligraphy called hand lettering.

The oblique pen is just one of the various pens calligraphers use to create their art.

Inman is the Founder of Paperglaze Calligraphy, offering her services throughout the southeastern United States and beyond.

The course was two and a half hours, with Inman going over the basics of how to prepare one’s oblique pen as well as how to correctly apply pressure to achieve a clean stroke.

“I love teaching the students, the interest is there to reclaim this talent in the modern age,” Inman said. “Hand lettering is unique because you have your own handwriting, it’s like a fingerprint. You have your own lettering that’s completely unique to you, no one else writes quite like you do and with every thank you card, note or gift tag it is almost like you’re putting a part of yourself into it.”

The workshop was hosted by Tiny Shops, located in downtown Leesville at 406 South 3rd Street.

In addition to lettering classes and workshops, Paperglaze Calligraphy offers custom signage, invitation design, letter addressing and bella scriptura.

For more information about workshops or services from Paperglaze Calligraphy, visit www.paperglaze.com.