The Leesville Art Park serves as a reminder of the town's artistic side.
Opening in 2011 as a group project, the Leesville Art Park has only continued to grow over the years as more of the community comes together to contribute to its expansion.

“It started off as a project between a group of friends, but it has become so much more as time passes,” Chairperson for the “Art4thePark” committee Isabelle Massart-Bursh said. “In 2016, Gallery One Ellleven approached us, wanting to help in continuing to develop the park.

“Many local businesses have donated to its development, and it has been growing ever since, with much more planned for the future.”

The park showcases different contributory art pieces and dedications, serving to remind visitors that art can be found anywhere and Leesville has plenty to offer to the community at large.

“We are always looking for more help in further developing the park, whether it be through donations or art pieces or even upkeep. It is a collaborative project and it serves to showcase art from all corners of our city.”

The pictures provided all showcase the various art pieces currently on display in the park and they are freely available to see for the public.

The Leesville Art Park is located 1201 Abe Allen Memorial Drive in Leesville and is open to the public to visit.