With income from the state not pouring in like it used to, the Simpson Town Council made the decision to change the pay of its Chief of Police.
The monthly pay will be reduced to $800 from $1,750, but will not take place until the new term in January of 2021.

"We are reducing it because we don't have that kind of money to pay a police chief," Simpson Mayor Vickie Standifer said at the meeting. "What they were basing it off of was our hotel-motel tax that we get every year, but last year it decreased by $5,000. That's not a guaranteed income every year. I don't know the reasons why it was increased to that amount. We need to get it to the point where it is not draining our general fund."

The job is an elected position and the chief can work whenever he or she wants. The position does not bring in a lot of revenue, leaving it to be funded almost purely by the village.

"We don't have Mayor's Court and we don't write that many tickets to justify paying for his salary," Standifer said. "What the past administration did was give all money from hotel-motel tax to the police chief. That's fine if the money is there, but it slowly being cut because of the financial state our state is in."

The new Chief of Police is eligible to receive an extra $500 a month from the state if he or she is post-certified.

In its meeting on Tuesday, the council also recognized new Simpson High School principal Ramona Bennett. The council presented Bennett with a few gifts to welcome her to the school.

"We have become an adopt a school partner with Simpson High School," Standifer said. "We are not using any of the city's money for it. We are so excited to have Ms. Bennett with us. We just want her to know, along with everybody else, that we want to be hand-in-hand partners with our school. We are so excited for her to be with us."