ROSEPINE – The Town Council of Rosepine met on Thursday night for their regular meeting.

At the meeting, the council discussed a problem plaguing Rosepine and what are the options to fix it. There is a problem with litter and trash in Rosepine in the streets and ditches.

While the city does what it can to pick up the garbage, their resources are limited.

In the past, prisoners were available to come out and pick up the trash.

However, Mayor Donna Duvall stated that she had been informed that there was a shortage of available prisoners who could come pick up trash.

The town has ordered new street signs reminding citizens that it is against the law to litter. The signs will be installed soon in the hopes that people will abide by the law.

The signs prompted a larger discussion at the meeting of creative ways to clean up Rosepine and enforce the laws.

“I think people should know that there are consequences for breaking the law,” said Alderman BJ Bjorneborg.

The council agreed on that point and began to discuss ways to incorporate the community into picking up trash and doing more to beautify the community.

The issue is not only trash, but unkempt yards as well. While some citizens mow and maintain their properties very well, others simply do not.

An idea was brought up where Rosepine could enter different contests to be recognized for its beauty. The idea that is if Rosepine citizens get excited about the opportunity of being recognized in a contest it will motivate Rosepine citizens to take pride in their community and do their part to keep the town clean.

Contests would include state and national competitions where Rosepine would be competing against towns of equal size.

A more localized idea came when the Mayor also suggested that individual homes in Rosepine compete on a regular basis to see who has the most beautiful home or yard.

The possibility of having a trash bash community collection event in October was discussed as well.

Alderman Ray Blanchard coined the phrase “Keep Rosepine beautiful” as a potential name for a future clean up campaign.

The council will continue to make plans and develop more ideas to address the issue of trash in the community in future meetings.