The smart snack workshop, hosted at the Beauregard Parish Library, comes at the beginning of school, offering students a chance to learn about more nutritional opportunities for after school snacks.

Children from both Vernon and Beauregard parish in attendance.

The workshop was hosted by the Area Nutrition Agent for the LSUAgcenter, Aneisha Andrus. The workshop focused on providing nutritional facts regarding regular after-school snacks, detailing the high contents of sodium, fat and sugar found in these treats.

The workshop also serves to provide a healthy alternative to these snacks, providing children and parents with take-home recipes to try out in their own kitchen.

“It’s a very educational workshop, and that’s what we promote at the LSU Agcenter,” said Andrus. “So today was a chance to really focus on smarter alternatives, with take-home recipes, as well as the takeaway from eating too much high sugar, fat and sodium foods.”

The recipes provided were simple and easy to follow for both parents and children and included such alternatives as strawberry and banana parfaits.

The school supplies for the workshop were donated by Goodwill Industries, with representative Sharia Ashley helping Andrus with the presentation.

“We had extra supplies, and we wanted to donate it to an important cause like this one and help in any way that we could with teaching kids about a healthier way to snack,” said Ashley.

The workshop was catered to children ages 8-12 and invited parents to attend as well for more ideas on how to approach snack time more nutritionally.