Two Natchitoches Police Officers have been placed on leave as a full investigation is launched regarding alleged racist Facebook posts the duo made.

The first post was allegedly made by Brant McManus, of Montgomery, who wrote “'I want the F****** to kneel. It's a sign of submission. Kneel before your master!! F*** Circus Monkeys.”

The second post was allegedly made by NPD Officer Ross Desadier.

The post seemingly agrees with the first post stating “I think you know where I stand little sister. It sounds like me and this person need to be introduced.”

The statements went viral as a screenshot of the conversation was shared many times. The statements were originally made as comments on a post by an unnamed third party.

Natchitoches Mayor Lee Posey released the following statement in response to the investigation:

“The City abhors and will not tolerate any type of racism by City employees under any circumstances. If any City employee is found to have engaged in any racist actions or words, the employee will be disciplined harshly, including, but not limited to, discharge from employment.

“Currently, two police officers have been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation into Facebook posts recently made. Because police officers are statutorily protected by state civil service law, the City is restrained from taking any adverse action against them until due process requirements have been met. If the police officers involved are found to have engaged in improper, racist-related conduct, the employees will be disciplined.”