Jeffrey B. Billeaud Sr. details his 24 years of service to the U.S. military and sheds some light on what he learned while in duty.

Born and raised in New Orleans, Billeaud Sr. joined the U.S. Army on April 30, 1968, at the age of 17. He completed his basic training at Fort Polk, before being stationed at Fort Gordon in Georgia for his Advanced Individual Training.

After completing training, Billeaud was stationed in Germany until the age of 19, where he was then sent to Vietnam in 1970. He was stationed in Vietnam for 16 months, before being transferred to Fort Hood in 1972.

Billeaud took a small break by joining the Active Reserves from 1972 to 1974, after which he went back into active duty and was stationed once again in Fort Polk as part of the 5th Infantry Division.

Two years later, Billeaud saw himself stationed once again in Germany in 1976, where he stayed for three years before being chosen for recruiting duty. While he performed his duties out of Fort Polk, he was stationed out of Pascagoula, Mississippi.

In 1982, Billeaud Sr. found himself once again in Germany, in charge of the battalion in the 161 Infantry Division.

Billeaud Sr. called for emergency leave in 1984, in order to be with his family after his son was involved in an automobile accident. During his leave, Billeaud Sr. began supporting his son’s local football team, his time between the Army and home being divided evenly.

However, another accident left him and his son incapacitated, and after healing from his injuries, Billeaud was stationed once again at Fort Polk. He spent his remaining military years at Fort Polk, from 1986 to his retirement in 1992.