On Monday, during the regularly scheduled Leesville Town Council meeting, a public hearing was held regarding the adoption of Ordinance 7 of 2018.

The public hearing was held at 3 p.m., before the regular public meeting, and gave the general public the chance to discuss the adoption of the ordinance.

The ordinance lists the issuance of a $675,000 excess revenue note for the City of Leesville.

The ordnance works in relation with the deal that would see the City of Leesville purchasing Hixson Funeral Home. This deal is still in development.

The purchase would give the city a new building to utilize and would allow for the movement of multiple departments from the Leesville Municipal Center to the new building.

The deal is still in development, as described by Leesville Town Council members, with adjustments and fine tuning still being made to ensure a smooth process if the deal goes through.

“It’s not all locked in yet, we’re still waiting on multiple different things to go through and get ironed out,” District 1 Councilman Chris Robertson said. “We’re getting everything in place right now, and so hopefully it will all click into place when we’re ready to proceed.”

In addition to the public hearing, the town council discussed several resolutions during their regular meeting, including a resolution to authorize the Mayor to sign the Change Order No. 1 on the Ground Storage Tank at the North Water Plant, as well as a resolution authorizing the Mayor to sign a Lease Purchase Agreement for financing a “Passenger Van.”

For more information regarding the ordinances and resolutions proposed and discussed at the meeting, call the Leesville Municipal Hall at (337) 239-2444 or visit their main building at 101 West Lee Street.

Their office hours are from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.