Tracey Wrisper is a local real estate agent and a veteran who is giving back to her community by helping to spread literacy throughout the community.

She is launching a philanthropy program through her American Dream Real Estate business, in which community members can ask her to come read to a group of children or adults.

She hopes to create a lasting impression on those she reads to, one that will follow them through life and always encourage them to keep reading.

After each reading, Wrisper will give away the book to a member of the reading.

Wrisper is starting this program because she feels it is important to give back to the community.

“You can't just work, you can't just be mom. I ask myself, what can I do to give something back?” Wrisper said.
She decided to do book readings when she remembered just how much of an impact literature has made on her life, “I remember my first book, it was the Princess and the Pea.”

Wrisper will read to any group of people, no matter age, and will read excerpts from the chosen book in a dramatic and entertaining fashion.

Readings will be completely free, Wrisper just wants to give back to the community and bring literature to life.

“This is one of the best ways to achieve your goals in life and one of the ways to achieve ‘the American Dream’. If you can read and write and you really embrace that and work on that, you can achieve your dreams.” Wrisper said.

To learn more about Wrisper’s literacy campaign or to schedule a reading call her at 337-718-8055 or drop by American Dream Real Estate office at 102 E. Texas Street, Leesville, LA.