Tommy Williams recently reconnected with an old veteran friend, Arthur Carr. The two men were a part of B Battery 1st Battalion 30th Artillery.

They went through basic training together and met again later in life.

“We were in Fort Lewis Washington together from about 1965-1966, Williams said. “We took basic training together before that and we met each other again in Fort Lewis Washington”

The idea for the two reuniting came when Williams was visiting with other veterans and someone mentioned that Carr was living and working in Goldonna, LA.

“We hadn’t seen each other for 54 years,” said Williams. “We met, talked and I had to get a picture with him.”

Among the stories and fond memories, Williams recalled that Carr would cut his hair for 50 cents.

While reminiscing with Carr, Williams found out that Carr was still cutting hair to this very day at his shop in Goldonna.

“After I got to talking with him some, I found out he was still cutting hair after all these years,” Williams said. “He would cut everybody’s hair for 50 cents, and I think he did a pretty good job at it.”

Williams was glad that he could reconnect with someone that he hadn’t seen in so many years.