Hosted by the Central LA Pro Bono Project, an expungement clinic will be available to Vernon Parish and the surrounding Central Louisiana area.
The clinic will be set up for any individual that wishes to have their criminal records expunged.

However, individuals that wish to have their records expunged must meet certain requirements before the clinic. These include:

Cannot be on probation for a felony

Must be a Vernon Parish offense

Cannot be a crime of violence

Cannot be a sex crime

5 years must have passed since a misdemeanor conviction

10 years must have passed since a felony conviction

These and more are only some of the requirements necessary in order to qualify for an expungement. More can be found by contacting Central LA Pro Bono Project.

An expungement is a process by which a citizen may have a criminal offense, or history of criminal conviction, sealed or removed from the public record.

After an expungement has been completed, the criminal offense does not need to be disclosed by the individual that committed the offense.

However, it is important to note that the criminal offense is not completely removed; it will be sealed from the public record, but it will still be viewable in an individual’s criminal record.

This means that the criminal offense can still be seen by law enforcement and criminal courts, and judging on the state and the process taken, can still be seen as a prior offense in a court of law.

The clinic will be held at the Vernon Parish Public Library on Thursday, September 13 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

For more information regarding your eligibility or questions concerning the expungement clinic, contact the Central LA Pro Bono Project at (318)-449-9778 or email them at

You may also find their central office, located at 3600 Jackson Street, Suite 108 in Alexandria, Louisiana.