The Box Top program for the 2018-2017 school year saw Rosepine Elementary ranking third in the the state of Louisiana.

The Box Top program works as a funding program for schools, offering students and families the opportunity to raise money through the simple act of mailing in box tops from numerous different products.

“You can find Box Tops on hundreds of products that you buy on a daily basis. Two major products that I buy as a busy mom is Hamburger Helper and Tostinos frozen pizzas,” Inga Grant, one of the heads of the Rospine Box Top program, said. “Each box top is worth 10 cents and add up rather quickly. It is a very easy process and an excellent fundraiser for schools.”

While Rosepine Elementary managed to rank third in the state, the amount of money raised was actually less than in previous years.

According to Danielle Calcote, it came down to a matter of incentive.

“We usually earn more money during the school year with Box Tops, but in voting to do away with uniforms, our program actually took a hit.

“Our previous reward for individual students allowed them to wear a NUT (No Uniform Today) Pass on a certain day in the month. Parents definitely wanted to earn that for their kids.”

The prize for this past school year was a gift card raffle that would be called each month, but Calcote believes that the difference in assurance of a prize led to it not being as well received. “It was a ‘chance’ to win something versus definitely earning something.”

Although earnings were not quite what Calcote and the program were expecting, they are confident that the prize for the 2018-2019 school year will be much more enticing for students.

“This year we feel like we have a reward that will be a huge hit. I can’t remember whose idea it actually was, but at our beginning of the year meeting with Rosepine Elementary’s principal, it was suggested to do an outdoor lunch as a reward.

“Students will provide their own lunch, whether from the cafeteria or from home, and they will be able to eat outside...We even are hoping students will bring in extras for their friends who may not typically turn them in so they can enjoy lunch outside with them.” Calcote said.

The box tops are collected once a month by the program, after which they are exchanged and the proceeds are then compiled into the PTO account. All of the proceeds from the Box Top program are used directly for the benefit of the schools, with the PTO account being used to purchase supplies or pay a portion for the items needed.

For more information, visit the program’s website at You may also visit the program’s Facebook page for any new announcements regarding the program.