The Leesville City Council approved an amendment to the Code of City Ordinances that sees new developments for food retailers with no fixed place of business.

The proposed ordinance was then further discussed and adopted during the regular meeting.

Director of Planning and Development Grant Bush spoke with the council on the exact changes the amendment would make to the Code of City Ordinances, which affects retailers with no fixed place of business.

Before the amendment, food vendors were required to pay an annual fee of $150, as well as provide proof of insurance for the total of $250,000.

Under the amendment, the annual fee would be reduced to $50 while vendors would have to show proof of insurance in the total of $50,000 instead.

“We hope this can help increase the number of food trucks to our city and provide other opportunities for these units and potential restaurants,” Bush said. “We wanted to reduce the financial strain, which could be a barrier of entry within the city.”

In addition, it is also detailed in the Code of City Ordinances that produce vendors are allowed within half a mile of a fixed place of business that provides the same produce. However, due to the size of the city, the amendment provides another space that vendors are welcome to take full advantage of.

“The problem is a lot of these vendors start to pile on top of each other because in our city there’s not a lot of space to separate them by half a mile. So, we’re offering the Farmer’s Market down on Third Street as another venue for these retailers to utilize, as a means of bolstering the market as well,” Bush adds.

The Farmer’s Market is open to all food vendors, free of charge, as a space to park and utilize its facilities.

The amendment works in large part as a means of directing food vendors to a more open environment to sell their produce, though their other avenues of business are still open and available to them.

The ordinance was approved by the Council at the regular meeting, at 3 p.m. at the Leesville Municipal Center.

For more information about this and any other ordinance, call the main office at 337-239-2444, or by visiting the main office at 101 West Lee Street between 8 am and 4:30 pm.