NEW LLANO – The town of New Llano has an expensive issue affecting residents throughout the town that is without an immediate solution.
The drainage system is faltering, leaving some residents with holes in their yard and backed up water sitting on their property.

"As of July 1, I was made aware that we have a drainage issue," New Llano Mayor Denis Jordan said. "It's a very standing issue. It was one of the problems I inherited, but we have to take it step-by-step. There's not much help from the state."

In the pre-council meeting, a New Llano resident brought up the upkeep of the rental properties surrounding her home but was also upset about the drainage issue.

Should the town decided to fix the drainage problem, it would be a million dollar project. The town would not be able to afford this massive undertaking and the state does not give out grants to help with drainage issues like it does with sewage, water and other projects.

The city engineer and maintenance staff plan on getting together to try and find solutions to the problem that is financially feasible.

The town presented former Mayor Freddie Boswell and the council with an award from the Louisiana Municipal Association for its water well project.

During the pre-council meeting, a New Llano resident brought up an issue with Jordan's appointment of Wayne Bush as the city attorney for the second meeting in a row.

Jordan said, after searching for a word, that Bush was "younger" than current city attorney Jack Simms, Jr., and Councilman Ervin Wilson vocalized his disagreement with Jordan's assessment.

However, following the meeting, Jordan said he misspoke when he using the term younger, rather that he was looking for someone more assertive and a new face.

"I misspoke, and I sincerely regret the word choice that I had," Jordan said.

The council, again, declined the appointment of Bush as city attorney, leaving Simms, Jr. in the position.

The council also did not approve the hiring of J.R. Harrison and Austin Creppel as reserve police officers, despite having room in the budget to do so.

The budget for August showed $10,785.64 surplus for the police department before roughly $6,000 is taken out for payroll, leaving over $4,000.

The cost for the two reserve officers is $1,700 a year.

"I'm very disappointed that we are $10,000 in the black and the council still refuses to hire reserve officers to increase the size of the department," New Llano Chief of Police Danny Hunt said.