The Vernon Parish School Board held its regular meeting yesterday and honored the participants of the Partners in Education program.

For the past four years, Vernon Parish has allowed local businesses to partner with their schools in order to foster a sense of kinship between the schools and the community and to help the schools in areas that they need.

The program yielded over $25,000 in support during the 2017-2018 school year.

The Partners in Education program is done in many parishes across the state and is touted by many as a way to bridge the gap between the school community and business leaders. Businesses can partner with a school and pledge a gift of money or support that helps improve the overall education of Vernon Parish Students.

Partners in Education program Chairperson Charlotte Cooper and Vernon Parish Chamber of Commerce President Anne Causey were present at the meeting to give plaques honoring the businesses for their partnership to their respective school.

The Vernon Parish Chamber of Commerce has led the program since its inception.

“It is an honor to recognize our partners in education,” said Cooper. “We have 23 businesses that have partnered with our 18 schools. This program is vital in helping the community and the school system work and school together.”

The principals from each school were also in attendance to commemorate the success of the program.

Vernon Parish Superintendent James Williams touted the program as one of the many successes that their school district has been able to have thanks to the combined dedication of faculty and the surrounding community.

“Our Partners in Education started out as an idea similar to what they do in other schools. As usual, when an idea comes to Vernon Parish it becomes something great. I can’t express how much the board appreciates these businesses who support the program. We are always very proud of our schools, and I can tell you that everyone had a part to play in this. We appreciate what our Partners in Education do for us.” Williams said.