During Monday’s regularly scheduled meeting, an update on Leesville’s new city hall was given, including progression on renovations and move in dates.

The process for a new city hall has been in the works for quite some time; initially, the state school building on West Texas Highway had been the planned location for the new city hall, however, it became evident to the council that the property would not become available to them.

“The mayor and I started to see what other properties were available for the new city hall, to get an idea of where we could look for a proper space,” City Administrator Patti J. Larney said. While the council was in the process of striking a deal to move into the state school, the Hixson Funeral Home had been purchased by Vineyard capital.

Vineyard capital had bought out Labby Funeral Home as well, which put the company in a bind as they would be competing against themselves with both properties under their control. Vineyard decided to sell Hixson Funeral Home as a result, bringing the location to the attention of Mayor Rick Allen and Patti J. Larney.

“The process itself started roughly six months ago,” Larney explains. “We had to secure the funding for it, appealing to the State Bonding Commission and meeting with [Ken] Hughes in regards to it, and the process went from there as we began to fine tune the actual deal.”

Currently, the funeral home is undergoing renovations for the move, which is set to begin by October 1 of 2018.

The administrative department is set to be moving in by this date, with the Utilities and Water Department scheduled to be moved in by October 22 of the same year.

For more information regarding the move or any information regarding the Town Council’s agenda, visit the Leesville Municipal Complex building at 101 West Lee Street, or call their main office at 337-239-2444.