District 5 Police Jury Member Reginald “Reggie” Johnson proposed the ordinance for Hill Street for safety reasons.

“It’s a highly populated area, an area with children, and it’s a large safety hazard having any sort of speeding down that road. There’s been several complaints regarding speeders along that road, so it’s in our best interest to lower the speed limit to try and protect the kids living along that road.”

The proposed ordinance would change the entirety of Hill Street’s speed limit to 15 MPH, in order to avoid any potential safety risks regarding residents along Hill Street.

The proposed ordinance for Wolf Hill Road would change the speed limit to 25 MPH, in accordance with public safety as well. District 2 Police Jury member Marvin Hilton expressed that the purpose of the ordinance would be to ensure resident safety along the road.

“It was proposed last month, and there was a number of unreceived requests from residents detailing speeders being a problem along it, so this is made to ensure public safety in that area,” Hilton explains. “There’s several school bus stops along the road that are hard to see, and the road itself isn’t very long, so this is more than anything a safety precaution for children that are living on that road.”

The public hearing will be set for Monday, September 17 at 10 a.m., during the regular meeting of the Vernon Parish Police Jury. For more information, be sure to contact the Parish Government Complex Building at 300 South Third Street or by calling their main office at 337-238-0324.