The Vernon Parish Sheriff’s Office (VPSO), and the New Llano Police Department (NLPD) are actively searching for Travis Cornelius Thorn.

Thorn is wanted on several charges including Felony Theft, Criminal Mischief and Resisting an Officer by Force/Flight.

The incident occurred in New Llano, when officers were attempting to arrest Thorn on Felony Theft charges.

Thorn resisted arrest by shoving a VPSO officer into a hot grill.

No severe injuries for the officer have been reported to the Leesville Daily Leader at this time.

Thorn has a history of violent crime as he was arrested on July 31 by the Leesville Police Department for aggravated assault with a firearm and criminal conspiracy.

If convicted of the charges, Thorn could face several years in prison.

Authorities encourage anyone who has seen Thorn or may know his whereabouts to contact the VPSO at 337-238-1311 or the NLPD at 337-239-3670.