An air of charity flowed through DeRidder First Baptist Church on Tuesday as the community greeted Pro-Life activist Pam Tebow.

Tebow was the keynote speaker for a fundraising event for Pregnancy Care Center.

Tebow gave her personal journey of faith and family. She expressed her belief that institutions like the Pregnancy Care Center are important.

The Pregnancy Care Center offers resources and education to mothers. They offer mothers a system of support, teach life skills and distribute crucial items for caring for babies.

“I love being in a southern town like DeRidder,” said Tebow “There are so many good people here and there is such hospitality. It is truly amazing that you have a pregnancy center in your town that does so much good work for mothers in your community.”

Pam Tebow is known for being the mother of the popular football player and pro-life advocate, Tim Tebow.

She told her story of being pregnant with her son and going against the doctors who advised her to have an abortion.

“We were in the Philippines at the time doing missionary work when the doctors told me that I would not survive the pregnancy. They told me to have an abortion. I put my faith in God, and knew that my Lord had a plan for me and my Timmy.” Tebow said.

“It is because of people like you (Tebow) that make all that we do at the center possible.” Pregnancy Care Center President Donna Perkins said.

Perkins thanked everyone who came out to support the work the Pregnancy Care Center does for the community.

She also thanked the many volunteers who donate long hours providing support to local mothers in their time of need.

This year alone the center has received 665 visits.

Volunteers work tirelessly to teach those mothers that come to the center and give them assistant throughout their pregnancy and continue to offer them education and support services through their child’s second birthday.

For more information, about the Pregnancy Care Center call 337-463-9500 on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.