October is right around the corner, and in an effort to decorate Main Street for the occasion, the Mayor’s Women’s Commission is hosting a community-wide scarecrow contest.

“We really wanted to find a way to decorate and make Main Street beautiful this Fall,” said Committee Chair Martha Koury. “We then realized that we could get the community involved, showcasing everyone’s scarecrows all along Main Street so that residents and even guests from out of town can see the creativity and spirit on display in our city.”

The event will see involvement from all corners of Leesville, with individuals, businesses, clubs and organizations coming together to show how festive they can be.

Contestants will enter for a chance to win a cash prize for first, second and third place, and each contestant will have their scarecrow on display down the full length of Main Street.

Each contestant will be given a designated number upon entry, corresponding with their placement along Main Street.

“The cash prize was a way to drive attention, as well as giving organizations and clubs the chance to engage in a creative project that could help them raise funds,” Koury adds. “Of course, this also can prove to be a great way for businesses to advertise, with their own creativity allowing them to visibly represent their business along Main Street.”

Registration for the event is underway, with entry forms due being due by October 5. Judging will take place on October 15 after setup, in which the top three winners will be announced.

If you would like to participate, entry forms can be obtained by calling (337) 397-7863 or by emailing cryerj123@gmail.com.