NEW LLANO – The New Llano Town Council will vote on two new ordinances to make changes to the previous procedures at next month's meeting.

Councilwoman Carolyn Todd introduced a pair of ordinances to allow food trucks and other vendors in New Llano and to make it fineable for someone that is not taking care of his or her property.

The ordinance for food trucks and other vendors will repeal all previous ordinances dealing with the subject.

"We working toward repealing some parts of the zoning ordinance that conflict with food trucks being in the town of New Llano," New Llano Mayor Denis Jordan said. "It's not just food trucks, it's retailers with no fixed place of business. With Sugartown watermelons, we've been missing. People like watermelon during watermelon season, so we're trying to catch up with the times.

"Why tell people to go to Leesville for a service your town can provide."

The other ordinance will hopefully fix a problem that Jordan and the council have seen for a while.

If someone has overgrown grass or an issue with the look for their property, they are alerted by the assistant chief, then given an official notice seven days later. If the property is still not fixed, they are given an official letter.

After the letter, if the homeowner or renter still has not fixed the issue, the town sends out a contractor to deal with the problem 31 days later.

"On day 31 when we go out to cut it, they cut it the day before," Jordan said. "Then the process starts all over again. At this point, it's been almost two months, and when it rains in Louisiana, grass grows a lot in a month. What we are doing allows instead of having to put a lien on someone's property that is not completely their fault, because it's not the homeowner's fault that the renter did not cut their grass.

"What the ordinance is going to allow us to do is to cite the people living at the address. Now, it's their responsibility."

Both ordinances will be voted on October 23 at 6:45 p.m.

The council voted to hire Michael Bailey as a part-time officer until October 24 to replace an officer on leave.

"Officer Bailey is great," Jordan said. "The reason we brought Officer Bailey on is because Officer (Henry) Finnie is on medical leave. Just because one officer got sick, does not mean their safety goes away. Like Chief (Danny) Hunt said (during the meeting), the crime is staying about the same, but it is elevated. The seriousness of it is being elevated."