Leesville went 0-2 against Rayne last season, including being knocked out of the second round of the Class 4A playoffs.

However, this is not the same Wolves team that rushed for over 200 yards in each matchup against the Wampus Cats last season, although it has some similarities.

"We expect the same kind of game," Leesville head coach Robert Causey said. "They're going to be hard-nosed and physical. They're battled tested, but they've lost some good skill kids. They're trained up in a system that is K-12. The run the same offense in their youth leagues and junior high. They're well versed in what do and how to adjust. They're tough kids. The reason we try to schedule teams out of Lake Charles is because you have to be physical. We know it's going to be a tough game on Friday.

Rayne sits at 2-2 in the year, with the first win coming after Welsh was forced to forfeit its first two wins of the season, although it beat the Wolves 41-16.

"I think they're just excited about playing," Causey said about his team. "They just look forward to playing their next opponents."

Last week in its 38-35 win over Pineville, Leesville suffered injuries on both sides of the ball to key playmakers.

"You just have to keep rolling and put another kid in," Causey said. "You hold them to a high standard, the same way you did with the first young man. When you hold them to a high standard, they aim for perfection. When you aim for perfection, you get closer to excellent."

The linebackers and secondary struggled to contain the Pineville offense, allowing 371 yards in some growing pains.

"When you lose your best offensive player and your best defensive player, there is a vacuum," Causey said. "We loaded the offensive side of the ball, so they didn't miss a beat. Defensively, we lost a lot of experience from last year. Really, they were just overwhelmed and made some mistakes. Pineville took advantage of it. We didn't step up when we needed to. We addressed it and feel excited about giving those young Cats an opportunity to show themselves."

On offense, sophomore quarterback Jacob Mount threw for five touchdowns and 254 yards with a lot of success coming off of play action in the red zone.

"What he's done well is slow the game down," Causey said. "He doesn't get rattled. He just takes what they give him. No play is too big for him to make a play."

The Wampus Cats have the ability to spread the ball out to different players on the outside as well as run the ball with a slew of backs.

"We just have the ability to do so much with different people," Causey said. "We just go into a game plan by looking at what they do defensively and what we can do. During the game when the plan changes with adjustments, we have several different guys that we can put the ball in their hands. That's a good thing about not relying on a guy."