An appeal was denied for Matthew Dotson as the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals upheld his two life sentences on Wednesday.

Dotson was convicted for the 2015 murders of Misty Marshall and her son Day-Min Marshall, earlier this year.

It was revealed through witness testimony that Dotson killed them after Misty caught him sexually assaulting her nine-year-old son Day-Min.

Her body would eventually be discovered in a wooded area in New Llano, while Day-Min’s body was found later in a car near their home.

Jasmine Moses, 15, was the stepdaughter of Misty Marshall and she was forced to help him hide the bodies, or be killed.

In her testimony during the original trial, she said “I went out and saw Mom lying on the ground at the front of the steps, wrapped in a white sheet and blue bubble wrap. Her face was covered in dirt and blood. I put the baby in the truck (a pickup) while Matt put an engine hoist around her (Misty) ankles. But he couldn’t lift her into the truck bed. I had to help do it.”

Dotson claimed that showing the autopsy images in the courtroom were too graphic for a jury and was a move by the state to garner an emotional reaction from the jury.

The official opinion released by the court reads:

“However, gruesome images are often likely to be introduced in murder cases. Although certain photographs of the child Day-Min’s head wounds and Ms. Marshall’s corpse are particularly graphic, they aided the pathologist’s testimony relating to wounds."

Dotson was denied the appeal for both counts of first degree murder and will remain in prison.