Rosepine High School and Pickering High School are separated by just 8.7 miles of highway, leading to one the area's top rivalries.

The battle for the Big Dog Jug features two different with completely different seasons up to this point.

Rosepine is ranked No. 2 is the most recent Power Rankings, while Pickering is winless so far this year.

The Eagles (6-0, 1-0) have been dominant through six weeks, outscoring opponents by 27.3 points a game this season.

"I just want our kids to come out focused like they have the last several weeks," Rosepine head coach Brad Ducote said. "I want them to maintain a level of play they will need to sustain for the rest of districts. I know Pickering hasn't won a game yet, but that means absolutely nothing. I put in the film, and they're pretty good. We're going to have to play well to beat them.”

Pickering is coming off a 41-14 loss to DeQuincy but the defense was able to shut down the run game, allowing just 107 rushing yards.

"I thought our game plan was solid," Pickering head coach Eddie Thomas said. "When John David Redden got hurt early in the game, that hurt us in the secondary. I thought our scheme was good for what they did. When he got hurt, that put a void in our free safety position on the weak side, where they kept hitting us. If he doesn't get hurt, it's a different ball game."

The Eagles have shown the ability to pick up big gains in the passing game with quarterback Seth Ducote, which is set up by their run game.

"I told my coaches and kids that we're going to have to throw the ball a little bit," Ducote said. "We've been working this week on throwing the ball and getting into a rhythm. We'll go from there. They shut down the run against DeQuincy pretty well."

The Eagles are led by running back Seth Shirley on the ground, and Seth Ducote has over 1,000 yards combined through the air and running the ball.

"We always have our base stuff that we work on every week," Ducote said. "Depending on the opponent, I'll add something to give them something to worry about. Last week, I put in the wishbone, and this week, I have something a little bit different. It keeps the kids excited. They like new things."

Thomas knows his team has a big task ahead, on both sides of the ball.

"They do it all," he said. "Their quarterback makes good decisions. He can run the ball or throw the ball. Seth Shirley is proven and runs the ball hard. He finds the holes, and the line blocks well. They are a well-rounded team.

"Overall, on defense, they have good speed. They play a scheme where they are stretched across the field. You have to find a seam somewhere to try and attack them. There's not much room for that. They have a good group of senior that have been in the trenches for four years."

With it being a big rivalry game, Ducote says his guys will need to be focused to avoid making mistakes.

"That's the tough part," Ducote said. "I've told them all week before and after practice, that we have to bring some high intensity, but it needs to be controlled intensity. You have to do things with a purpose. You can't let your excitement and adrenaline take you places where you don't need to go. In years past, it has taken some groups the whole first quarter to settle down because of who we are playing."

Pickering committed multiple personal foul penalties last week against DeQuincy, but Thomas says they are doing everything they can do shut down the after-the-play flags.

"They got frustrated and let their emotions come out," Thomas said. "I told them that this is just like life. When things aren't going the way you want, you can't just open up and throw your emotions out there. That's not how we're going to handle that.

"Emotions are going to be high. We have done a few things and laid a few penalties on some kids. I think the other guys are going to see if they follow suit, we're going to come down on them, also."

Rosepine is ranked No. 2 in the Class 2A, but with a big game ahead of them and the rest of the district schedule sitting in front of them, Ducote is just going week-by-week.

"As a coaching staff, we don't care about it," he said. "In fact, my wife had to tell me. I don't even look at it. I'm sure my kids go and look at it. Our goal is a coaching staff and a team is to win every game when we step on the field to get as high as a seed as possible. I think if we can maintain that and keep winning, we can finish as sixth or seventh. I don't think we will be in the top five because of our schedule, but of course, if you finish in the top eight, it gives you a shot to get to the third round where you run into one of the real powers."