NEW LLANO – The New Llano Town Council made two changes during its meeting on Tuesday that will affect its community members.

The council approved a new vendor ordinance and an ordinance dealing with the upkeep of residences' property.

Food truck vendors and agricultural vendors are now allowed to operate within the city limits.

Vendors must pay a license tax, have a health certificate, pay an annual license fee and have $250,000 of liability insurance coverage.

Previously, town ordinances did not allow vendors to sell food (watermelons, fruit, etc) on the side of the road, but the new ordinances repeal all previous ordinances that conflict with it.

The vendors must also have a written letter of permission from the property owner and must have a truck or trailer, not a stand or shed.

The city also approved an ordinance that will fine people for not taking care of his or her property.

Previously, the town would give people a notice, and it was taken advantage of by waiting the maximum amount of time between cleanups before the cycle would start again.

Now, once the mayor has ordered a clean up of a property or to cut their grass, the town will give a $150 fine plus a $65 an hour fine on top of it per piece of equipment it takes to get the job done.