Tab Power of Leesville has achieved a feat that no one in Vernon Parish has achieved in at least the past 30 years.

The owner of Power Kennels recently participated in the 2018 International Fall Grand hosted by the Cajun Retriever Club.

The Grand is a hunting test for Hunting Retriever Champions (HRCH) during which actual hunting conditions found throughout the country are duplicated. Dogs either pass or fail the test.

The successful completion of two of these Grand tests will qualify a Hunting Retriever Champion for the UKC title of Grand Hunting Retriever Champion (GRHRCH).

The events started with 585 of the best Retrievers from across the country entered this event.

“It’s a grueling five-day event,” Tab said.

Tab entered the competition with two dogs, Pearl and Duke.

Only about 100 dogs received the distinction of passing the test, and one of those 100 was Pearl, making Pearl the first Grand pass for Tab and Power Kennels

The 2018 Fall Grand is one of two semiannual International Grand Hunts conducted by the Hunting Retriever Club, Inc. International Grand Hunt Committee.

The event took place in Grand Prairie, Louisiana.

Pearl and Duke are British Fox Red Labradors, a breed of dog that Tab breeds in Leesville.

Pearl’s owner Tommy Chouest and Duke’s owner Dr. Granger of West State Orthopedics in Leesville are proud of what their dogs were able to accomplish with Tab’s help.

“We have joint custody of the dogs,” jokes Tab.

Tab is able to train the dogs under his care to do incredible things like turning on a dime, backing straight up and following his commands to stay “on line” to retrieve birds.

When Tab isn't winning international competitions with Pearl, he runs and maintains a kennel out of Leesville.

Power Kennels has 25 kennels and Tab offers a multitude of training courses for dogs. He has been training dogs for over 15 years.

He offers obedience and hunting training to any type a dog and has customers from across the nation who bring their dogs to him.

Power Kennels is a seamless operation where the dogs are treated to top-notch care.

“The cleanliness of his kennels and the dedication he puts into the dogs is astonishing,” Brian Gore, a long time customer and friend said.

Tab is the Chairman of the West Louisiana Hunting Retriever Club (WLHRC), a non-profit organization located out of Slagel.

The WLHRC is hosting their own competition in March and they are always looking for new members.

For more information on Power Kennels or WLHRC contact Tab Powers at (337) 378-8683.