On Tuesday morning, Jacob Kampfer’s sixth-grade class presented TED talks to an audience.

Each of the 12 students presented a speech on different topics that they felt were important enough to speak on.

This event imitated the well know TED Talks that have become popular over the years.

TED ( Technology, Engineering, and Design), are conferences designed to spread “ideas worth spreading.”

While TED was originally for the technology and engineering ideas, it now includes scientific, cultural, and academic topics.

“As a teacher, I firmly believe in giving students a voice where they are able to actively express their ideas among peers. With these TED Talks, however, I would like to include parents and other members of our community to listen to their ideas. And so, we will be having sTED Talks (student TED).” Kampfer wrote in an invitation to attend the talks.

The topics the students chose included understanding other people’s perspectives, bullying, not judging people on their size, the importance of reading in school, the importance of art in school, as well as more recess time and better food options in the school cafeteria.

Each student stood before their audiences with a microphone and note cards and presented their ideas in one to three-minute speeches.

Every one of the students delivered stellar, well prepared and informative talks.

Kampfer took over at the end and announced that all of his student’s presentations were, in turn, his TED talk. He went on to talk about how “students should be able to talk freely in school.”

He feels it is vital to the learning process for students to be able to socialize with their peers as well as to be able to speak up in the classroom.

He voiced that the sound one associates with school should be the voices of the students, asking questions and learning.

Kampfer shared that in his classroom his students are invited to socialize during appropriate times.

He also shared that he and his students watch TED Talks once a week, serving as the inspiration for Tuesday’s event.