With one game left on the schedule, Leesville is 48 minutes away from completing its first undefeated season in the school's history.

The Wampus Cats take on Class 3A St. Louis Catholic Friday night with the first round of the playoffs looming.

"We know that we are getting to the point where you have to win to stay in," Leesville head coach Robert Causey said. "There are no weak teams. Next week, we'll be playing the top 32 teams in the state, then, if you're fortunate to win, you'll be playing with the top 16 teams in the state. Each week, it gets harder and harder. There are a lot of good football teams in the state that people in our community haven't seen.

"It's not about who we play, it's how we play. It's about how we prepare and how we serve others at practice."

The Saints feature a run-heavy offense, which gave them a second-place finish in District 4.

"St. Louis is a physical ball team," Leesville head coach Robert Causey said. "They're physical on both sides of the football. They are going to line up and run the football at us out of two-back and three-back sets. There is a lot of iso and direct plays. They'll take their chances on play action passes, and they always hit them."

Evan Joubert leads St. Louis with a 646 rushing yards, and quarterback Jaleel Goodwin has 303 rushing yards and 413 passing yards with four touchdowns.

With nine weeks in the books, there is not much left for Leesville to add, but the team will refine the things that got them to this point.

"It's week 10, so we aren't going to throw anything at them they haven't already seen, and vice versa," Causey said. "It's really going to be a test of wills and seeing who flinches first. It's going to be a game won in the trenches.

"You still have strengths and weaknesses. You evaluate if you've taken advantage of those to cover up the weaknesses."

The St. Louis defense is led by senior Matt Houston, who has 100 tackles this year, and Gabe Meyer, who has picked off three passes this season.

"They've beaten some the same teams that we have beat," Causey said. "They have won by playing great defense and creating turnovers.

"They're well coached and have a great scheme on both sides of the ball. It's a good game to get you ready for the playoffs. They're schemed up and well coached and they have enough athletes to stretch you in the school position areas. They have a nose tackle this is 6-foot-4, 310 pounds. He clogs the middle."

"I've been on a staff that was 1-9 and 3-6, so I've seen both side of the spectrum," Causey said. "I know how it feels to be on the other side of this. Sometimes, I think back to that and wonder if I'm actually enjoying it because I know what it is like when you don't. I think, for me, the thrill is seeing the success for the community and the kids and the assistant coaches. It's revived the community, and it's been a fun and thrilling ride, so far. Hopefully, it doesn't end soon.

"I just try to take it week-by-week. When it's all over, I will have some time to sit back and enjoy it a little bit more than I am right now."

The Wampus Cats and Saints kick off at 7 p.m. Friday night at St. Louis Catholic High School with an undefeated season on the line.