It’s perhaps the dream of every red-blooded American to one day be lucky enough to win the lottery.

Millions of people play the lottery in one form or another on a regular basis.

While the odds of winning the big prize are a long shot, the fantasy of winning the jackpot keeps people playing throughout the year.

This Christmas season, the Louisiana Lottery has announced that it will have bonus prizes to sweeten the pot. According to the Louisiana Lottery Corporation when players purchase any Powerball with Power Play ticket, they will receive an additional Holiday Bonus entry ticket, which features a seven-digit raffle number entered into the next weekly bonus drawing for $60,000 in prizes.

The promotion is scheduled to run from Nov. 11-Dec. 15th, and is only available who purchase Powerball tickets with Power Play.

Power Play adds additional $1 to the overall ticket purchase.

“Who couldn’t use a little extra fun and a little extra cash during the holidays?” noted Lottery President Rose Hudson. “This promotion gives our players both. It gives another bonus game, plus a chance at more prizes. It’s our gift to all those who love Powerball!”

According to Hudson, the promotion adds more chances for players to win prizes, and also adds more prizes for players to win.

Tickets purchased from Sunday to Saturday at midnight are entered into the next drawing to occur on Monday.

During each drawing, one number will be drawn to win $25,000, one number will be drawn to win $10,000, and 50 numbers will be drawn to win $500 for a total of 52 weekly winners.

Holiday Bonus entry tickets are valid for only one bonus drawing, and that draw date will print on the entry ticket.

Only one Holiday Bonus entry ticket will print for each Powerball with Power Play ticket purchased regardless of the number of plays on the ticket or the number of drawings it is good for.

Lafayette resident Betty Weaver is the most recent Powerball winner from Louisiana having won $100,000 from last Friday’s drawing. "I couldn't believe it!" Cooley said, "This was the first time I've ever played!"

The Lafayette resident bought a Powerball ticket for her birthday, while playing the dates of her late husband’s birthday and won $100,000.

She purchased her ticket at Smoke Shop in Lake Charles and claims that she is going to use her winnings to help her son. "I'm going to buy my son a vehicle. He really needs one!" she said.

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