Tuesday, October 23rd, Leesville Rotary Club enjoyed guest speaker, Jeff Johnson, Woodlands Healthcare Center CEO.

Johnson informed the Club about the brilliant, new facility which is located behind Market Basket, here in Leesville. He reminisced about “moving day” and proudly talked about how the community of transport victims came together to ensure an expedited and safe passage for the Woodland’s residents, when they moved from their previous (and very old) building to their beautiful, new one.

He further explained how the ambulance transport systems, along with local law enforcement, local businesses and their employees all worked together to safely moved 100+ employees in only a few hours.

Johnson also informed of how the residents and therapists are enjoying their state-of-art therapy gym. He notified the Rotarians the gym is now available to patients in the community who are prescribed outpatient therapy as well as patients who are staying at the Woodlands.

Additionally, he talked about how the patients are making great use of the new facility’s movie theater, salon, and multiple dining rooms, to include one formal dining room meant for such things as private family get-togethers.

Afterward, Rotarians Laticia McHenry and Dan Cook were recognized.

Rotarian McHenry was honored as a Paul Harris Fellow, signifying a donation made in combination of monetary/points contributions to equal $1,000 to the Rotary Foundation; while Rotarian Dan Cook was honored as a Paul Harris (Plus 1) Fellow, acknowledging his second recognition from the Foundation for his total contribution to the cause marking over $2000 in donations.

Cook stands in recognition with 11 other current Leesville Rotarians who have been recognized as PHF Plus 1 donors; Mrs. McHenry represents the latest of the Club’s 100% membership Paul Harris Fellows. Lastly, at the meeting, Club 125 members who were present (those who have contributed funds to the Rotary Foundation/Polio Plus campaign) took a group picture in recognition of World Polio Day on October 24th.

The Club is up to a total of 75%-member support to this specific cause, with Rotarians Henry Lacking, and Anne Causey doing their parts to make the Club well on its way to their goal of 100% Club 125 participants.

It is easy to see why this year’s Club President, Brenda Willis, is often reminding the members how truly embody this year’s theme of Be the Inspiration as the Clu

b’s contributions are spread throughout local, state, national, and world causes.

On 5th Tuesdays, the Club dispenses of formalities and chooses together a social event to enjoy. This October 30th Rotary event was slated as a celebration to all the members for their hard work and achievements throughout this year.

The Rotarians enjoyed a greatly attended “food and fun” event at Mexico Lindo where several surprises awaited the members and their invited guests.

Rotarians Eddie Wise and Tom Park were presented, by Assistant District Governor-Linda Thomas, with their Club 125 pins for their named contributions to the worthy cause.

And, lastly, President and Mr. Willis were honored with a surprise of their own, as Steve Serna-Foundation Chair and Janelle Thibodeaux-Secretary, presented Stephen Willis with his own Paul Harris Foundation certificate and pin.

The members collectively provided through financial and points contributions a donation worth 1,000 points (representative of the same cash value) in Mr. Willis’ name to the Rotary

Foundation, making him a distinguished Paul Harris Fellow-an honor of extreme mention within the Rotary Foundation.