The Vernon Parish Sheriff’s Office (VPSO) is warning residents to be cautious of online scams. The VPSO has received several phone calls from victims of a recent online dating scam.

According to the VPSO, a con artist is using dating websites to extort money from its users.

The scammer uses the alias James Admiral Wade on his profile and claims that he is a civil engineer in South Africa.

The scam involves Wade soliciting money from victims online by claiming he needs their financial help to return to the United States.

During the scam, Wade tells victims that he has $38 million dollars that he will share with them as soon as he gets back into the United States.

He instructs them to wire the money to a bank located in Dallas under the name “T.O. Outerwear LLC.”

Additionally, authorities have yet to confirm whether a person named James Admiral Wade even really exists.

Not only is that not the name of a legitimate business, but the address listed for it belongs to an apartment complex in Dallas.

Victims noted that when they begin to ask questions Wade begins to promise a romantic relationship with them when he returns to the United States.

The VPSO is advising residents to be cautious of who they communicate with online, and to never give personal financial information to a stranger over the internet.

The danger with online scammers is that money transferred to them is rarely ever recovered.