Northern parts of Louisiana have been seeing some snow, along with their fair share of low temperatures. Areas such as Shreveport and Bossier City have made headlines recently with their recent snowy snapshots.

While the frosty fresh powder hasn’t quite made its way to Vernon Parish the icy chill of winter is still being felt by residents.

It is important to note that while Louisiana is not known for harsh winters, residents should still take a few safety precautions to stay safe and warm in the coming months.

Here are five safety tips to help winterize any home:

Check roof tiles, shutters, siding, and other exterior materials to ensure they’re secure

Make sure all gutters are clear

Seal air leaks around the home to keep it warmer, and save money on utilities

Insulate all exposed plumbing pipes to prevent burst pipes

Trim tree branches away from your roof to prevent roof damage

In addition to keeping your home warm, it is also important to prepare in case of an emergency that could cause a home to lose power. FEMA lists the following as things to keep handy in case of a rough winter weather.

Extra fuel such as firewood, a full propane tank, or a generator.

Clean blankets, pillows, and warm clothing

Food and water that doesn’t require refrigeration

Transistor radio with new batteries, and backup batteries

Louisiana is often known for its unpredictable weather. Although citizens may not always need these preparations, it is always better to be safe than sorry.