A fatal accident occurred early Sunday morning at the Boise Cascade plant in Florien.

The accident claimed the life of  Tory L. Rainer, 24, of Hornbeck. Authorities say that the accident occurred just after 3 a.m. Sunday morning. 

Rainer and his fellow coworkers were performing maintenance in a shut down area of the plant. They were attempting to replace a lathe blade while that part of the plant was down for maintenance.

As they attempted to change the blade, authorities say that it swung down and pinned Rainer to the ground. 

His coworkers on the scene managed to get the blade off of Rainer, call paramedics, and perform CPR.

However, when the paramedics arrived they pronounced Rainer dead at the scene.

The accident is being investigated by the Sabine Parish Sheriff's Office. 

The Leesville Daily Leader will post more information as it is made available.