Twins Nick and Andrew (13), and their younger brother Christian (11) DeLapp have been playing soccer since they were each three years old.

Their dedication to the sport and their hard work earned all three of them an invitation to play in Germany.

They started playing soccer here in Leesville through the local recreation league. After two years they moved on to a travel league based in Alexandria.

At the beginning of summer, they were asked to play in France for Real Texas, a travel league team that recruits players from multiple states.

While playing in France they had the opportunity to meet Mark Dillon, a soccer scout from Jasper, Texas.

Dillon was so impressed with their skills and dedication he invited them to Cologne, Germany over Thanksgiving week to play with the youth division of the FC Köln professional fútball team.

They were first honored at the invitation then they were extremely excited to go.

In preparing for the trip their parents, David and Ashley, found someone from Germany who could teach them the German culture and some basic words and phrases.

Once they arrived in Cologne and stepped onto the pitch they were completely thrilled.

Each of them is determined to play professional soccer and they feel that the coaching and techniques they learned were an amazing opportunity that will benefit them for years to come.