Leesville poked away balls and got into passing lanes all night against Many, leading to easy transition points.

The Lady Cats scored a majority of its points in the paint as they defeated Many 40-29 Thursday night at home.

"In the ideal world, lets shoot layups all night long, but in the real world, we have to get more comfortable in our half-court setting," Leesville head coach Kristi Perkins said.

"Our post really hadn't been crashing the boards hard enough. Tonight, we were reading the ball to see where it was coming from. We were also boxing people out instead of just turning to the rim. The only thing you're going to catch stepping to the rim is a missed shot."

Leesville defeated the Lady Tigers last week in the Many Tournament, giving it some idea of what to expect.

"We worked on their 1-3-1 halfcourt defense," Perkins said. "My girls had been having a problem with a one-front defensive setting. We've been working on our two-guard top set. We passed the ball a whole lot better. If I can get these girls to stop dribbling so much and pass that thing around, we'll be fine."

The win puts the Lady Cats at 7-10 for the year, and Perkins is starting to see the team that she expected.

"We are starting to transition into the team I thought we could be," she said. "At the very beginning, I don't know if it was the jitters or lack of experience or lack of leadership, but we're definitely getting the hang of it. I think we're coming together."

Leesville jumped out to a 12-0 lead in the first quarter with Many not getting on the board until the 1:21 mark of the quarter.

The Lady Cats lead 12-4 after the first quarter and outscored the Lady Tigers 9-4 in the second quarter to extend the lead.

Many cut the deficit to single digits in the third quarter, but a layup from Jayla Burnett and Jazmine Clarke extend the lead back to double figures heading into the fourth quarter.

The Lady Cat defense stayed in passing lanes and forced enough turnovers in the fourth quarter to keep Many at bay, as Leesville took the win.

Leesville scored 28 points in paint and seven points at the free throw line, but still shot from deep often.

"We don't practice our 3s," Perkins said. "I have one girl that has the green light, Amaya Thomas. Other than that, none of the girls really have the green light. I don't take it from them, but it's not something we practice on a consistent basis."

Jarielle James led Leesville with 14 points, and Burnett added 10 for the Lady Cats.