Cenla Gatekeepers will be giving a concealed carry class on Saturday, January 5th at Christian Living Fellowship, 12955 Lake Charles Hwy, Leesville.

This is a 9 hour course, including 2 hours on an outdoor range. This class will include free diagnostic targets to take home and perfect your shooting techniques.

They will have breaks and an hour lunch break from 12 to 1 and you are free to bring any snacks or drinks you may need.

Participants will need to bring with them a handgun (semi-auto or revolver) that is unloaded and in some kind of container or holster, personal eye and ear protection and 50 rounds of store bought ammunition. Absolutely no reloads.

The cost of the class is $75. A $25 deposit must be paid when reserving your seat online at www.cenlagatekeepers.com.

The live range fire will include 12 rounds shot at 6 feet, 10 feet and 15 feet, for a total of 36 rounds into an NRA B-27 type silhouette. For more information or to ask questions call or text 337-208-0480.