A woman was arrested on Sunday after a violent tirade that began at the Leesville Walmart.

Megan Willitts attacked a female victim inside the Leesville Walmart. Deputies with the Vernon Parish Sheriff’s Office had to intervene to protect the victim.

Willitts was arrested and handcuffed by the deputy. However, she would not be deterred.

Willitts continued to thrash about and resist the deputy’s attempts to load her into the patrol unit. She kicked her legs violently and resisted multiple deputies.

Ultimately, it took the combined efforts of five deputies to put Willitts inside the backseat of the patrol unit after her legs had been shackled.

Although the deputies were successful in getting Willits inside the patrol unit, she was still noncompliant with officers throughout the incident.

While inside the patrol unit, she laid on her back and kicked the door of the patrol unit, causing damage to the door.

Willitts was charged with one count of simple battery, one count of self-mutilation of a prisoner, simple battery and five counts of battery on a police officer.

If convicted, she faces hefty fines and a substantial prison sentence. Her bond was set at $15,500, and she remains in the VPSO jail.