The Leesville Daily Leader and Beauregard Daily News are actively investigating the numerous claims made against the Corvias Group. Several families have come forward to speak about their experience in their Corvias rental property while living on base.

Complaints have alleged that Corvias properties have several health hazards, and are in desperate need of repair.

Caved in ceilings, mold, brown drinking water, sewage backup, unsanitary carpets, and poor insulation are some of the many recurring complaints that have been made by the military families living on Fort Polk.

In 2017, Jessica Romey moved in with her family to Corvias Housing at Fort Polk. They immediately had issues with the unsanitary conditions.

“Our issues started immediately, the day we moved into the house. Upon walking into the house we were swamped with an overwhelming smell of dog urine.” Romey said.

She stated that when she confronted management about the smell she was told: “Oh its just musty, once you move in your stuff the smell will decrease.”

After two days of enduring the stench of urine, it became unbearable. Romey stated she and her family’s noses burned when breathing in the smell. According to Romey, Corvias came to spray enzyme killer around the home.

“As they were there I began pulling back all of the carpets, which showed every inch of the carpet covered in urine stains,” said Romey. “At that point, they finally agreed to replace the carpets.”

However, Romey stated that the carpets were never replaced.

As Romey and her family were dealing with the carpet issue, more trouble with the unit persisted. She said that weeks after they moved into the house, began to flood once a week. After six months, the flooding only worsened. Romey claims it got so bad that there was flooding “every single day.”

“We asked several times for them to find the problem and were ignored several times. Every single time the house flooded the floors and carpets were not cleaned, we would go weeks and months without padding being put back down and my children continuously cut and exposed to rusted track boards,” Romey said.

Fed up after six months, the family spoke out publicly on social media about the conditions they were subjected to.

They subsequently moved into a different Corvias housing unit on Fort Polk shortly after.

Romey believes that they were moved to the second unit to be kept from voicing any more opinions on social media.

According to Romey, she and her family were repeatedly given eviction notices and notices telling them that they had violated their lease.

She claimed they got them repeatedly and felt that it was meant to intimidate and punish her for speaking out about their problems with Corvias.

“A screen was damaged in our home. When we offered to pay the $25 dollars to replace it, we were told that we would pay it when we moved out. They told us that it was part of the move out fees. After that we soon received an eviction notice, claiming that we did not replace the screen and that we needed to be out in five days.”

Despite this, Romey and her family remained in the second unit.

While in the unit, the Romey family took a vacation over the Christmas holiday. When they returned they found that their home was flooded with feces and sewage water.

“We went on vacation at Christmas time last year, while gone our house flooded with sewage and covered a good portion of our floor,” she said.

“When we returned home and found the mess and called maintenance they came out pulled up the padding and tried to lay the carpet back down completely covered in feces.”

Although she noted this time they replaced the carpet, Corvias maintenance did not replace the damaged parts of the wall that were stained with feces. There were also several soft spots on the wall that were never replaced. They were never fixed, and the Romey family would later move out.

The harassment that Romey said she and her family face was “vindictive and cruel.”

She said that one evening they brought home a new puppy after the housing office had closed. Romey said that the fee for a new pet is $200, and her husband went the next morning to pay the fee at the office. Prior to that, a maintenance man had come to “check the air conditioner.”

Romey believes the man was sent to see the new puppy in their home and report back to the housing office.

When Romey’s husband went to pay the pet fee, she claims they took the payment and then revoked their pet privileges.

When Romey confronted the manager, she said that the manager told her to have her pets put to sleep. Romey claims that in their dealings with the housing office they have been mocked and ridiculed on several occasions.

Romey and her family now live off base and want to make sure that this doesn’t happen to anyone else.

Similar reports continue to surface from these military families. The Leesville Daily Leader and Beauregard Daily News are actively investigating this ongoing crisis and have reached out to both Corvias and Fort Polk for a statement. As of this writing, neither has released an official statement.