Jeremy Blanchard is set to receive a parole hearing next month. Blanchard is currently serving a 40-year sentence on four counts of obstruction of justice for his connection to the 2004 murders of James Smith and Edward Jones.

Blanchard admitted to acting as an accomplice to convicted murderer Leonard Lewis. Lewis was given two back to back life sentences in 2009 for the murders. The hearing will be held on February 4th at the David Wade Correctional Center in Homer, LA.

Blanchard admitted to helping Lewis cover up the crime by dismembering the bodies and throwing the remains of them in the Sabine River.

“He (Lewis) wasn’t but about 18 inches away from Jones when he shot him,” said Blanchard during his testimony before the court during the trial.

Immediately afterward, Blanchard said, he and Smith were speechless. Blanchard said Lewis charged toward Smith, who fell backward over a nearby woodpile.

“Leonard Lewis leaned over the wood pile and shot him, Leonard just shot him,” said Blanchard.

It was after Leonard fired the gun, Blanchard’s role in the cover-up began.

In his own confession, he stated that he and Lewis hid the bodies and did what they could to clean up the blood from.

Blanchard went as far as to dig up spots of the ground that were stained with blood and throw them into a ditch filled with water.

Lewis and Blanchard used hacksaws to mutilate the bodies and placed the remains in trash bags. They threw both victims severed heads into the Sabine River. The remains were buried in a shallow grave on Cooper Church Road near Toledo Bend.

Numerous witnesses testified in the original trial that led to Lewis’ conviction.

The Leesville Daily Leader is covering the hearing and will publish the results when the decision is reached.