Hornbeck Mayor Clarence Beebe was never politically ambitious. He was elected as Alderman in 1987. He held that seat for one term then left. A few years into the next term an Alderman died and his wife took over his position.

She wanted to return to her hometown and the council asked Beebe to return to the council to finish out her term.

He decided he would so he was appointed Alderman by the council. He decided to run for his seat in the next election and was re-elected.

This time the current mayor asked Beebe to run for mayor but since he was working a full-time job he really did not want to.

The mayor then resigned a few years into the term and the council appointed Beebe as mayor in July but because there was still more than a year left in the term a special election was required. That October they held that special election and Beebe was elected by 75% of the residents of Hornbeck.

He has been the Mayor of Hornbeck since 2000. His term runs four years and he has just been re-elected to his fifth term. In every election, he has run unopposed.

In all of his years working for the Town of Hornbeck, he is most proud of the water system the town now has. The year following hurricanes Katrina and Rita there was a flood that covered the water system with 10 inches of water.

That flood left the town with only 50,000 gallons of storage water and one well and no back-up system if it failed. Seeing that this could quickly become a disaster they started looking for other sources of water.

Sabine Parish had a water well close to the northern Vernon Parish border that did not supply the proper pressure and amount of water to their customers in the southern part of Sabine Parish.

The Town of Hornbeck ended up buying the well close to Vernon Parish and began making upgrades with money they received from various grants and capital outlay funds.

With the funds from the grants and the help of the town Engineer, Hornbeck now owns four wells, has 275,000 gallons of storage water and back-ups in place to three other systems.

“You can do without a lot of things, but water is not one of them,” Beebe said when explaining the realization he had when evacuees from the hurricanes came to Hornbeck and within six hours, the three-day water supply ran dry.

Today, the Town of Hornbeck is better prepared for the next disaster or crisis and Beebe says it’s because of everyone who works for the town and the residents.