Business has been good for Blake Morrison and the Gringo Biscuit.

Two or three days a week he parks his taco cart at different, but fairly regular locations in Leesville. Followers on Facebook anxiously wait for him to announce his next location.

As soon as he sets up for dinner or lunch, fans of his famous brisket taco begin lining up early to get them while they last.

Starting January 17 The Gringo Biscuit will have a permanent Thursday location and a fairly set schedule. “Well, it will be permanent until they ask us to leave,” he said laughing. He is referring to the owners of his new location.

Every Thursday he will be parked on Third Street in front of Gallery One E111even from 11-2. “This will be the only day we are tied to one spot,” Morrison said of the new location.

He invites everyone to come to get some Gringo Biscuit, then go inside, sit down, eat and check out some local artists’ creations. “Art and art quality food. What more do you need?” Morrison said

In addition to his new permanent location, he plans to operate on a regular, rotating schedule as well.

One week he plans to pop the top on his food cart on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Then the next week he will be cooking up his delicious cuisine on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

He will alternate between the normal Southgate Plaza and Mattress USA/Wal-Mart locations. He says that he will try to have one dinner service each week as well.

Be sure to follow the Gringo Biscuit on Facebook to find out the places and times he will be serving.

He will announce the planned location, times and generally the menu the day before service.