The first order of business at Thursday’s Vernon Parish School Board meeting was to swear in the new board.

Newly elected to represent District 8, Simpson and Hicks Schools, is Lisa Thompson. Also, moving into the VPSO President position is District 6 representative Vernon Travis.

Following the approval of the minutes from the previous meeting, the VPSB approved a motion to name the Leesville Daily Leader as the official journal of the Vernon Parish School Board.

Then a motion was approved to authorize the Superintendent to request and sign all federal funding opportunities for the VPSB and to accept employee retirements.

The Vernon Parish Teachers of the Year were then recognized and awarded a plaque. Those selected for 2019 were Elementary School Teacher of the Year Danelle Nash who teaches fifth grade at Evans Elementary.

The Middle School Teacher of the Year is Tiffany Martin who teaches at Leesville Junior High School. The High School Teacher of the Year is Tammy Cecil who teaches English and P.E. at Anacoco High School.

The Head Start report was given by Head Start Director Curtis Clay. He informed the board that there are five head start policy changes that he asked the board to add to the agenda for the next meeting for approval.

The policy changes affect the following policies: income eligibility, child abuse, attendance and tardiness, personnel and transition.

Currently, there are 253 students enrolled in the head start program, 35 children on the income eligible waiting list and 47 children on the over-income eligibility list.

To date, 236 children have completed health exams and 207 children have completed dental exams.

Volunteers have given a total of 4,104.2 hours of volunteer time for a value of $58,112.87. Head Start has provided 16,815 breakfasts and 16,249 lunches to the students this school year.

Next order of business for the school board was discussing policy changes affecting the school district.

There were two finance policies and seven personnel policies that the board will add to the next meeting for approval.

The final order of business for the board is the Principle vacancy at Rosepine High School and the promotion of the new Principal at Pickering High School.

Superintendent James Williams offered congratulations to the Teachers of the Year awardees and stated that “our teachers work very hard, they’re very successful. There a lot of school districts that would be very fortunate to have the teachers that we have at our schools and I appreciate their hard work”.

The next VPSB meeting is Tuesday, January 15, 2019, at 10AM.